• I thought to get and make “Kevin Schwantz replica”.

    The engine was running about 30,000km.

    I swapped to 2 stroke engine.

    These are remember and list modified.

    Engine :  RG50gamma

    Shift-Shuft : Hustler 50

    Shift-Link : Bandit250 and GSX750S III

    Muffler : WOLF50

    Speed-Meter : GSX-R400

    Tachometer : RG400gamma-WolterWolf

    Brake-master and lever : GSX-R400

    Mirror : GSX-R400

    Accel-wire : RG50gamma and 125gamma

    Clutch-wire : : RG50gamma

    Battery : Batteryless, The condenser for TS200 is used.

    Oil Tank : JR50

    Air cleaner was swapped to power filter.

    Two torque linkage was used for the radiator mounter.

    There is no speed-limiter on the engine.

    Got a record of 90km/h at the Suzuki Ryuuyo-test track.

    Exterior was referenced from ’90 Lucky Strike.

    Almost decals ware made by cut-out sticker. Maybe this is most hard job.

    I am riding on SUZUKI GT750 usually.

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  • chase


    Hello! Great looking GAG! I was wondering if you could provide a bit more detail about what went into the engine swap specifically. I’m looking at doing the same RG50 engine into my GAG swap. Did it require any frame modification or much by way of custom parts and fittings?

    Thanks so much!